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The Pocono Duo

Many years ago...Toby Costa and Kevin Leggieri decided it was time to do this. Toby (acoustic guitar, banjo & vocals) and Kevin (bass / vocals) created The Pocono Duo. Playing a unique collection of covers from the 70’s to the 2020's and beyond, The PoconoDuo has developed a faithful following in the Pocono region, performing four to five nights a week, garnering praise from college students to vacationers & and going through more strings and batteries than ever thought possible.


A little history... Toby and Kevin are former members of Atlantic recording artist Solution Ad. Supporting their record Happily Ever After (1996), they toured extensively playing venues ranging from CBGB’s (NYC) to the 9:30 Club (Wash D.C), the Electric Factory (Phila) to the Roseland Ballroom (NYC) name a few.


Don't let the name fool you...With the addition of drummer, MJ Law (original founding member of Solution AD.) The Duo also plays as a band. This addition gives them the ability to play rooms ranging from small bars to large live music venues. They also team up with their good friends of the Jim Roberti Trio to form the Maybabies.

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