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The Maybabies

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The Maybabies comes equipped with five band members, 2 stage assistants, a sound engineer and rented sound reinforcement equipment.


The Maybabies

Jim Roberti – Acoustic guitar and vocals

Gary Wehrkamp – Electric guitar, Keyboards and vocals

Kevin Leggieri – Bass guitar and vocals

Paul Cipriano – Drums & vocals

Toby Costa – Electric guitar, banjo and vocals

Johnny Rydell – Sound Engineer

All Maybabies shows are handled by Law Sound and Lighting

The Maybabies consists of the Jim Roberti Trio with two musicians from another full-time band called the Pocono Duo that we’re great friends with in PA. We’ve been playing together for 17 years. We have a set list as a five piece and we also play songs from the Jim Roberti Trio set list as well as the Pocono Duo set list. There are a lot of songs. We usually take turns in the early part of a show playing various songs from our set lists. We eventually end up together as a five piece for most of the show. And yes all of us except for Paul were born in the month of May! For Live footage of the Maybabies click here...

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